Frequently Asked Questions


1. How does the ADhance program work?

Select and promote job ads from our platforms and you’ll be paid for each applicant referred via your websites or blogs. If those applicants are shortlisted or hired, you’ll be paid even more. It’s that simple!

Our widget will generate a designated ref code for you to add to the URL of the job promotion link. This will enable us to track which applicants are from your website or blog.

2. What is A Job Thing and how is it related to ADhance?

We are Malaysia’s top hiring website with an incredible network of community-centric platforms featuring over 25,000 job vacancies updated daily. ADhance is our partnership program with website and blog owners to promote job ads.

3. What job platforms am I promoting from?

Based on your readership, you can select job ads posted in any of our 3 platforms:

MauKerja offers more than 15,000 junior and non-executive job opportunities for the Malay-speaking community featuring more than 25,000 employers.

Ricebowl is one of the only job websites catering primarily to Mandarin-speaking job seekers, with over 12,000 job listings.

Internsheeps connects interns and students, as well as higher-education institutions, with Malaysia's most popular companies offering close to 2,000 internship roles.

4. How much can I earn from this program?

You can earn up to RM5,000 a month depending on if you promote part-time or full-time, as well as the type and amount of ads you promote.

5. How can I join the ADhance program?

Click on the register button and submit all the information requested, including documents. We will evaluate your application within 48hours. Once your application is approved, you can login and start earning more income by promoting jobs.

6. Am I the right person for this program? Are there any qualifications needed?

Any website or blog owner – including social media platforms – with a large audience can sign-up to be our program partner.


1. What is the payment structure like?

Please note that all applications made before 1 March 2017 will be paid a flat rate of RM0.28 per applicant. After 1 March 2017, payment will be based on tiers as below.

There are six types of ads you can choose from:

  • Tier 15 ads pay RM0.15 per applicant
  • Tier 30 ads pay RM0.30 per applicant
  • Tier 45 ads pay RM0.45 per applicant
  • Tier 75 ads pay RM0.75 per applicant
  • Tier 60 ads pay RM0.60 per applicant
  • Tier 90 ads pay RM0.90 per applicant
For example:
Under Tier 30, Job: Admin Assistant. You promote this job and bring in 100 applicants. Your earnings from this will be RM0.30 x 100 = RM30

Under Tier 45, Job: Technician. You promote this job and bring in 100 applicants.
Your earnings from this will be RM0.45 x 100 = RM45

2. What is Tier 90 ?

These are the ‘super hot’ jobs, which we need to promote urgently. You will automatically receive an email when there is a job parked under this tier so you can start promoting it and earn at the highest tier.

3. When will I be paid?

We will issue a summary statement of your total earnings based on the 1st to the 19th of each month, and payment will be remitted on the 20th if the total exceeds RM100. If the total is below RM100, payment will be remitted on the month when the accumulated amount exceeds RM100.

For example:
On Jan 2017, your earnings total is RM99. You will not able to cash-out as the minimum cash-out amount is RM100..

On Feb 2017, your accumulated earning is RM400. You will be able to cash-out as it has exceeded the RM100 minimum cash-out amount.

As we issue payment by cheque, please allow up to 3 days for bank processing.

4. Is there a minimum or maximum amount paid per job?

For the time being, we will pay for the first 50 applicants per job ad promoted, after which the job will automatically drop one tier level. Payment will follow the new tier for the next 50, and so on.

For example:
If the job is under Tier 45, after getting 50 applicants, it drops to Tier 30. Once it gets the next 50 applicants, it drops to Tier 15. After the following 50 applicants, it will drop to Tier 0, and there will be no payment for any additional applicants.

Here’s a sample calculation:

Tier 45 Job: Teacher
You bring in 200 applicants. Your total earnings will be as below:
First 50 applicants: under Tier 45. Earning = 50 x RM 0.45 = RM 22.50
51 – 100 applicants: auto-drop to Tier 30. Earning = 50 x RM 0.30 = RM 15
101 – 150 applicants: auto-drop to Tier 15. Earning = 50 x RM 0.15 = RM 7.50
151 – 200 applicants: auto-drop to Tier 0. No earnings at this level.

Total earn for this Job Teacher = RM 22.50 + RM 15 + RM 7.50 = RM45

5. How do I know if the job’s tier has changed?

Our system will automatically email and SMS you once a job tier changes. Or you can login anytime to check the job ads’ tier status.

6. What if the applicant from my website applies for a different job than the one I promoted? Do I still get paid?

Yes, any applicant who is referred from your website and any job they apply to will count into your earnings as long as the job is under a paying tier. Do note that their session on our website expires after an hour of inactivity, and any applications after that to jobs other than the jobs you’re promoting will not count to your earnings.


1. Do I get paid for Referrals?

Recommend our program to your friends and receive a 15% commission from us, without taking a cut from your referees’ earnings. That’s right, your referees will keep their full earnings while you benefit from their success.

For example, you refer your friend Amir to join the program:

On Jan 2017, Amir earned RM1,000. You will receive RM150 automatically. You will earn a referral fee every month for as long as Amir remains active in this program.

2. How do I invite others to join and promote under my referral?

Go to the Invite Friends section on your ADhance dashboard. We will provide an invite referral code to track your referees’ applicant acquisition rate, and you can see the updated total commission earnings anytime.

3. How do I know how many referrals have registered under me, and how their performance is?

Click on the referral report to see all registered partners referred by you. You can also see their performance rate, as well as your updated total commission earnings anytime.


1. Do I have to change anything on my website or blog design?

No, you can choose how you want to promote job ads, whether with an article, a blog post, Facebook post, etc. After all, you know your audience best.

2. Are there restrictions or specifications on the job applicant type?

Yes, our system will automatically reject applicants that do not fulfill the job’s criteria, especially language requirements. For example, if the job requires mandarin speakers and the applicant does not speak or understand mandarin, he or she will be auto-rejected and it will not count into your earnings.

3. How do I search for job ads? How will I know if the ad is a paying ad?

Not all job ads posted on our platforms are paying ads under the ADhance program. There are two ways to search for job ads:

a) Via Your Dashboard
Login and search for jobs automatically categorized into the respective Tiers. Save the jobs you want to promote, then get the job link.

b) Directly on our Websites
You can also search on our websites and append your link with the selected job’s code. However, you will not be able to know which are paying job ads unless you refer to your dashboard.

4. How do I know my ad’s performance?

You can access the latest performance and stats reports on your ADhance dashboard anytime.

5. My chosen ad’s response is weak. What should I do?

Not generating enough applicants? You can switch to another ad at no cost, anytime.

6. I’m having technical problems, who do I report this to?

You can contact

Faiz: +60 11-2712 4120
Ray: +012-6441617
Amir: +60 12-694 3201
Li Peng: +60 16-699 1296